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A Different Puja

“Ma, today I will be late to come back from office. I have to go to New Market with Animesh to start our Puja Shopping”, Hiya giggles and her mother and her grandmother looked at each other, smiling.Ashima, Hiya’s mother, hurriedly went into the kitchen to prepare her own breakfast as she already got late for her office. But still she went into their room, and again walked back briskly towards the dining hall. “Keep this little cash with you. Please buy a nice shirt for Animesh and keep the rest for you. And listen! Buy a Louis Philippe shirt only. Your father always used to prefer that brand.” Ashima smiled softly looking at her daughter. Ashima felt relaxed. She was not able to start the Puja shopping and was feeling guilty for last few weeks. Now Hiya taking this up, make her feel relieved.
Hiya was almost done with her breakfast. “Don’t worry at all, Ma. I will take care of your Puja shopping. Should I also buy for Mashi and Mesho?” she took the last spoon of corn-flexed milk, look…